How to Choose a Sofa - 10 Tips

If you are undecided about how to choose a sofa, you are in the perfect place to eliminate your doubts. Our experts will guide you to the perfect sofa.

Choosing a couch has never been so easy.

Your home is where your heart is, and there is no other place like it. No matter what your financial position is, you always try to get the best for your home since it reflects your personality, so this guide will discuss how to choose a couch


Modifying your home décor can change how you feel as well; for instance, shifting the furniture, swapping the position of the sofa or the couch can alter the entire feel of the place. When we talk about the living space, the sofa is probably the focal point of the room. This is one item in your home that you plan to spend a good few years sitting on it, and that is why it is a long-term investment. It could become drivable, too.

According to a French architect, Le Corbusier ‘Chairs are architecture; sofas are bourgeois’. When you think of adding a new sofa to your living room, outdoor space, or your bedroom, there are few factors that you must keep in mind. Good sofas do not come cheap these days, and that is why you must consider everything before you decide your style and size of the sofa. If you have children around your place, then the fabric you choose will also be significant.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing the right sofa for your place and while you are at it, consider the following 10 tips to choose a sofa and thanks to this guide you will avoid a lot of mistakes.


Choose the Place Where You Want to Place It

The first thing you want to consider in the process of choosing a sofa  is where the sofa will be placed. It is not a lamp or small decoration piece that you can buy and then later decide its spot. You need to consider whether you want to place it indoors or outdoors. When you have decided that part, now it is time to be more specific with the location; is it going to be in the bedroom, the living room, in a home cinema, or perhaps the patio? This one thing will probably impact all the other decisions as well, including that of fabric, size, and the seating option.

You will also need the right measurements of the place where you plan to place the sofa. If you are placing the couch in the bedroom, then a 45cm to 50cm seat depth will be adequate, but that wouldn’t be enough to be placed in the living room. In the bedroom, a sleeper couch will also add to the functionality. You might have understood by now that why this tip tops our list because it forms the basis of your purchase.


Select the Sofa Size According to the Doorway Size

This can be easily overlooked because not many really think about the doorway size when looking for a sofa, but if your sofa is not by Ikea, there are chances it cannot be dismantled, this asepct is extremely important for a basement. If you are going for a strong sofa with a good frame, then the sofa should be in a single piece. This will improve the durability of the sofa. If you plan to place the sofa upstairs, it is better to measure the stairway width and height, as well, so that you don’t face any difficulty during the transfer phase.

If you have limited space, then you will have to go with the modular sofas that can be shipped in separate pieces. Ikea is one place that is known for modular furniture pieces. These places also have sales throughout the year for you to shop from. If you live in a studio apartment, then there is a chance that larger pieces may not be able to fit in the place.

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Comfort Above All

When we talk about furniture, comfort should be the number one thing on your list, indeed we all love comfortable sofas. A sofa that is not comfortable but is pretty will have to be replaced very soon. You need to consider that you spend hours sitting in front of your TV when you return home after a hectic day at work. Are you willing to sit on an uncomfortable sofa just because it is stylish? Style plays a very important role in choosing your furniture pieces, but it cannot replace comfort. The fabric, the filling, and the configuration of the sofa, all of these play a part in deciding the comfort level.

So here is what we recommend, sit on the sofa or even consider laying down on the sofa to make sure that it is comfortable enough. Every person looks for something different when it comes to the sofa; if it is too fluffy and soft, it can be bad for the back, but if it is too hard, it is likely to be uncomfortable. The key is to find the right balance. There is no rush in making the decision; you don’t want to make the wrong decision and then regret it later, especially for an everyday sleeper sofa.

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Consider the Shape

Before you select the shape, also consider the orientation of the sofa. Usually, the accent wall in the living room is used for the TV, and naturally, the couch will be placed opposite to the TV to ensure comfortability, check out our guide about the best couches for cuddling. Now that you have figured out where the couch will be placed consider the shape. If you are placing the sofa in the bedroom, then consider how much space will be left spare after the bed is placed. A best leather couches for dogs larger sofa will overshadow the entire room and take the spotlight away from the bed itself.

For a bedroom, a two-seater sofa is big enough, but for the living room, you can go as big as you want. A clean l-shaped couch can be used as a perfect divider between two spaces, while a round-shaped sofa will be more appropriate if you want to create a conversation area. A chaise or a daybed can also be incorporated in the place of a traditional sofa. If you have a smaller space, then a smaller sofa can go nicely with futons, ottomans, or even a LoveSac.


Choose a Good Base

The frame of the sofa is very important; most of the traditional sofas have a wooden base, but today wrought iron and other metals are also being incorporated to make the perfect base for the best sofas under 200. Sofas that have a base frame made out of hardwood like teak, oak, beech or ash are long-lasting and will pass the test of time. It is recommended that plastic and metal frames are avoided as rust will act up very soon; our advice is: "the simple the frame, the better". You want to avoid any screws to the sofa legs or use power glue to keep them together.

Wood frames are the best type when it comes to your sofa. If the framing is cheap, then in no time your sofa will be wobbly, and you best reclining sofas will regret your decision. Many people believe that since the frame is not visible, you can compromise on it, but that is not the case. Until the frame is not solid, the structure standing on it would not be premium, to know the materials of the frame you should read the instructions manual.


Research for Upholstery Material

If you have a good frame, then the next thing to pay attention to is the upholstery. You need to make sure that the material and the print you choose complement the room you are putting the sofa in. If you are buying best sofas under 500 the sofa for the living room, it has to be the centerpiece. You could select a bold colour like red, yellow, or even orange, but if you are placing it in front of an accent wall, going with grey, cream, brown, and beige will be a smart decision. The material inside and outside the sofa will be major factors in the decision. Feather filled sofas are a great choice, but they are heavy on maintenance.

On the other hand, foam or fiber-filled sofas get compressed over time, and that is why if you choose these, keep in mind that you will have to keep on redoing them time and again. If you choose a plain sofa, accessorize it with colorfully patterned cushions to make it a statement piece in your room. Microfiber fabrics are great for sofas if you have kids since this material is stain resistant. The sofa fabric is meant to get spills and stains and if you follow my guide about how to clean a sofa, it will be very easy to clean, but it is better if it is made out of a material that is less likely to get dirty, like leather.

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Consider Sofas with Arms

Sofas usually have arms, except if you go for a bench look with your sofa.  Armless bean bags can also be an addition to your living space, but it will never replace a conventional sofa. A sectional for a big family or a 3-seater sofa for office reception will have arms, but you need to make sure that they are strong and not wobbly. Now and then, people prop against the sofa arms, and that is why best throws for sofas they must be strong enough to support the weight. They must fit tightly into the frame to complete the look of the sofa and it will also make it safer.

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Pay Attention to the Décor

You must consider the décor of the room that is already in place. Current fashion trends can be very overwhelming. If you have a traditional living room, putting a modern, modular sofa set will disrupt the appearance of the bedroom. Similarly, if you have all the furniture at the standard height best sofa cleaner in the room but you choose a low sofa, it will not complete the look of the place. When you choose a furniture piece, it is very important to consider everything from the color theme to the fabric being used, to the height of the furniture.

Too many colors and fabrics in a space can be best steam cleaner for couch; stick to the color theme of your space, and you will see how everything will fall into place. If you find a very cool looking, stylish couch in the store, just don’t buy it because maybe you will have to change the entire furniture and accessories in the room for that to fit in. 


Choose Sofa Back According to Your Use

The sofa's back is another aspect that translates your use, as well as your style, indeed ,in my opinion, is a focal aspect of how to choose a sofa. Most of the sofas we see have pillow backs because they best couches for tall person the most comfort. If you are looking for modern sofas, they tend to have a leaner back, which gives a more sophisticated look.

The pillow back gives a chunkier look, but it is also best slipcovers for leather couches more comfortable. If you have children or older people around the house, you might want the pillow-backed sofas. They are not only comfortable but also safe to be around. Chesterfield sofas are the best sofas for back support. Reclining sofas are also a good choice when it comes to back support.

If you have someone around the house with back problems, then a sofa with a sturdy back will be the right choice. Stores like Wayfair, Costco, and Macy’s have varied collections of furniture available that are not only cheap, but you can also find almost any type of item you need. Even if you go for a simpler back, you can always accessorize it with a lot of cushions and pillows. Different patterns and colors of the cushions will add the right pop of color. A type of sofas that stand out have foldable backrest.

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Attached Cushion or Unattached

This is another decision you will have to make regarding how to pick a sofa. Both types of sofas have their advantages and disadvantages; where one will give you a more stylish look, the other will be easier to clean. Consider what you are looking for in your sofa. If you are going for a more sophisticated look while keeping multi-purpose use in mind, then the loose cushioned sofa can be the option for you. If you live in a place where there is a lot of dust around, then the unattached cushions will be the perfect place for the dust and grime to settle in, and this will make maintenance even tougher, but if your dog pees on the couch it will be easier to get out.

The attached sofa cushions are better for back support; they are fixed, so they have no niches in between, and this supports the back. Coil or best couches for cat owners spring used in the sofas also prevents them from sagging and sinking, which helps you in maintaining the right posture. Custom design is another option you have, so you can also pay a little extra to get the sofa of your desire. You can get mixed or attached best deep seat sofas and unattached cushions so that they can be used in whatever way you want. It all comes down to where you want to use the sofa and what are the features you are looking for.



These are just the basic 10 steps to choose a sofa. Stores like pottery barn and west elm have worked on their furniture collections over the years and now have a vast variety of traditional as well as mid-century pieces. Whether you need to pick a sofa for your apartment or your studio, all you need to do is pen down your requirements and your features before you step out to get it. Also, don’t forget to take measurements of the doorway, hallway, and stairways before you head out because they will play an important role in the sofa placement.

We hope that the 10 tips to choose a sofa for your home will help you in making the right decision but also ensure to trust your favorite store when it comes to it. Professional retailers today have experts who can help you in choosing the right sofa. So, talk to an expert in the store, show a few pictures of your place, discuss the measurements, and they will bring you the best pieces they have that fulfills all your requirements. Make sure that you always put quality before price because it is not every day that you buy a new sofa.