About Us

Without doubt we are the experts in the home improvement niche and our numbers confirm it, we sold over 10000 sofas the last year and most of the sofas were over $1000. But we like keeping things simple, we are only in three, but we are without doubts the best. We have over twenty years of experience and every good interior designer knows us very well. We like writing informative guides and this site is about this. 

giorgio lauria

Giorgio Lauria

Website Owner and Furniture Store Owner

I have over 20 years of experience and sofas have been my passion since I was 20 years old. I have built this company from scratch and year after year we have been awarded from top companies for our dedication to this industry. My other passions are computers and running

katia d'agostino

Katia D'Agostino

Interior Designer

I've been rated for many years as one of the best female interior designers and I curate the content on this website. My expertise is undeniable and I know everything about interior design and home improvement. I've worked for a lot of famous people and I'm proud to achieve a lot of success in a field I love. My other passions are music and diy.

mark twain

Mark Twain


I'm an experienced carpenter with 30 years of experience. I can repair every type of sofa frame and I'm also able to clean it well, fill it well and building it from scratch. I've always liked manual things since I was a little child. But when I finished school I found it to be the best profession I could do and after 30 years I'm still the best at it.