How To Repair Bonded Leather Sofa Peeling (The Best Guide)

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Bonded leather is not a very resistant material, so after some time, it will start to peel. But, thanks to this guide you will finally find the best solution.

Leather is a great fabric but one thing that makes it a little inconvenient to use is that it peels after some time if the weather is adverse or proper care is not provided. A lot of people get troubled when they see their leather sofas peeling and this deteriorates the beauty of the room.

Bonded leather couches are delicate materials to protect, therefore, continuous care and maintenance are required, especially in an office. These are unlike other leather sofas that can sustain rough usage.

Bonded leather sofas require continual upkeep and repair. If you want to know how to repair bonded leather sofa peeling, then go through this article to get easy tips. This article focuses on all deeper insights into nature, technicalities, and steps to repair bonded leather sofas.


What is Bonded Leather Sofa?

Bonded leather sofas are not entirely leather sofas. These are environment-friendly sofas that are made up of recycled leather. The scraps of leather are used to create the base of the sofa materials. These are joined through adhesive that retains the material durability.

What Percentage of Leather is Used?

Only 17% of genuine leather is utilized in the manufacturing of bonded leather sofas. To give a leather appearance, polyurethane is used. Owing to these ingredients, these sofas are relatively cheaper and environment friendly. They have huge customer demand because they are less expensive, give a leather finished look, and easy to use.

bonded leather sofa

Why Bonded Leather Sofas Peel?

There are multiple reasons why bonded leather sofas are more prone to peel quickly than other leather sofas. There are two major reasons for it. First, they are cheap products which make them inferior quality. The materials used are not much durable, and they cannot bear the wear and tear, unlike genuine leather sofas.

These are short-lived. The second reason is the durability of sofas. As they are made up of cheap raw material, these certainly do not ensure durability. These supplies contain non-elastic materials that do not hold heavy weights for long because they have a limited stretching capacity. When the weights exceed a certain limit, the strips of leather scraps and polyurethane breaks away. This peeling becomes an irritating experience.


Quality Required for Repairing Bonded Leather Sofa

A bonded leather sofa can definitely be repaired, but there are quite a few conditions for its ability to be repaired. If the bonded leather sofa has few scratches is not roughly scratched, it is possible to repair that sofa. The sofa must be repaired at the early stages because this can prevent further damage which might become more difficult.

What if The Leather Peeling Has Been Done Much?

However, if the peeling leather has been done much, this likely will affect the whole sofa because the scratches will increase enormously. Hence, such a highly scratched and old couch cannot be repaired. Even if the repair is done, there is no guarantee to re-peeling of that sofa because the quality is not strong enough. After a year or two, the sofa might be a waste.

leather peeling has done much

Preservation of Bonded Leather Sofa

If you are a user who does not want to be at risk of repairing a sofa (or reading a guide about how to fix peeling), then you must take precautionary measures from the beginning. These measures will help you preserve the quality of your bonded leather couch, hence stretching its short life span to a few more years. You can preserve your sofa by taking a few essential measures. Similarly, keep the bonded leather sofas a foot away from heat sources like heating vents, stoves, heaters, etc.

Place it Away From The Sunlight!

Make sure that your bonded leather sofa is placed quite away from the sunlight. Place the sofa in a room or a corner where minimal sunlight approaches. Sunlight contains UV radiation which is harmful to such delicate materials. These radiations warm the sofas and hence the material softens, becomes prone to peeling.

Clean It More Often!

Clean your bonded leather sofa more often. Make sure it is well-dusted. Make a schedule and clean and condition your sofa more often. This will help eliminate the toxic chemicals left on the sofa from harming its quality. The fabric will remain smooth without getting hard. Cleaning does not mean hard rubbing of sofa for removing blot spills. If you rub the sofa, the wear and tear will cause the peeling of surface material.

Do Not Use Oils, Detergents Or Polishes

Do not use oils, detergents, or polishes to make a shiny surface of the sofas and clean them because these are sharp compounds that can dissolve the delicate material of sofas. Similarly, avoid using saddle soaps to wash or clean your bonded leather sofa because this might result in damage to your product quality. The color of the sofa will start fade away quickly and the leather appearance will be lost. Oil should never be used!


Step By Step Process of Repairing Bonded Leather Sofa

Bonded leather sofas might look and smell similar to real leather, however, the mixture of plastic and leather dust used in the product makes the product give a real look. One cannot rely completely on their construction method. However, there are solutions to these peels and the sofa can still be repaired permanently.

The use of leather and vinyl repair kits can prevent further scratches on the product and the issue will be resolved. Following are the steps that will help you answer the question of how to repair peeling bonded leather (it is one of the best ways and it is also simple):

bonded leather sofa peeling
how to repair bonded leather sofa peeling

Step 1

Firstly, take your sofa and place it in a safe and heatless environment. Take a sharp scissor and carefully note the points where the bonded leather is lifted away from the couch. Finely cut the portion and make sure the sofa is not affected by the blades. To improve the process, dampen a cloth in a lint-free solution and apply it on the sofa scratches. This will clean the area. Make sure not to over-wet the points.

Step 2

Usually, the sofas are provided with essential repair and maintenance equipment. If the maintenance kit was not provided with the fabric, then apply a backing fabric on the affected/damaged areas of the sofa. Moreover, take a light marker or a pointer and mark an outline larger than the actual damage on the fabric.

Step 3

Take the fabric and gasp it with fingers over the damage. Tuck the edges that are below the leather perimeter with the help of a toothpick. The backing fabric should be larger than the damage so that the repair is done easily. As you know that the bonded leather is weak and cannot guarantee ever-lasting durability, therefore, the backing fabric of a larger size is used to prevent sudden damages again. Even if the wear and tear cause stretch and scratches, the larger fabric will be able to sustain it.

Step 4

Once step 3 is completed successfully, you need to make sure that the color and smoothness are maintained. Take a thin vinyl adhesive and apply it to the backing fabric. Spread the compound a few inches under bonded leather. Once you have spread the solution, wait for around five to six hours for the adhesive to get dry.

The time is usually provided under instructions given by the kit manual. After this, you will see the results as promised by the color compound as it creates the surface of the damaged area smooth and slightly raised upwards. In this way, the upholstery around the patch will fit well.

Step 5

This step is about choosing the right color for your bonded leather sofa. Stand in front of your sofa to get a clearer view and hold the sofa kit to ascertain from the color guide that which color you like best for the sofa. Usually, the common colors are a white and grey combination.

You can try red for your sofa to create a match with the shades of the sofa.  Some tones include honey style which comprises brown, white, and yellow. If you want an off-white tone, you have to mix and create a dilute mixture of black and brown with the original mixture.

Step 6

This step includes the appropriation of the idea match of a batch for the bonded leather sofa. Do not apply the colored directly on your sofa as it could lead to a disaster even if the color is one or two tones different. For this, you need to mix a few test batches.

Take a piece of vinyl and apply swatches on it (paint them). There will come a time when you will notice the desired and satisfying color of the batches. Now, mix the solution to fill the affected area.

Step 7

As you reach towards the end of the process, you have to take the vinyl adhesive and pour a thin layer of color compound on it. The color of the compound should remain within the bonded leather’s exposed edges.

Make sure that the texture issues are prevented. It is suggested to follow the grain pattern given in the kit. It creates a smooth surface. Also, keep in mind the grain of the original sofa set.

Step 8

In the last step, you have to give a few touch-ups. Take the grain paper and press it with the help of your palm on the wet compound. Wait for a few times for the compound to get dried as directed by the manufacturer. After a while, remove the paper carefully when it is dry.

This will prevent any sticking of the compound on the paper. Moreover, you can also add the grit sandpaper to the patch, so the color is easily spread into the leather. Hence, this is the end of your repair process. In this way, you can easily and economically patch your bonded leather sofa at home and revive its beautiful look.

If you are not able to do this yourself, there are some furniture repair experts out there, call 844-946-3899


Comparing Bonded Leather With Other Upholstery Fabric

Bonded Leather and Full Grain Leather

When it comes to the comparison between bonded leather material, in addition to comparing quality and nature with other leathers, we compare and contrast their comfort and durability as well. Full-Grain leather is considered a high-quality leather and it is used and recommended for various products for many notable companies.

It is the most durable leather that becomes tough and qualitative over time. Similarly, with its age, its beauty also increases. Bonded leather on the other hand is much less durable, qualitative, and cheap. It can easily be peeled and punctured. But people choose it because it looks like original leather but is available at a cheaper price.

top grain sofa

Bonded Leather and Genuine Leather

The genuine leather, as the name suggests is the real leather we wish to buy for sofas. It is extracted from the lower layer of the hide and it is reworked to obtain a refined and better form of leather, click here to know the best genuine leather chesterfield sofas. It is more tough and durable than bonded leather, however, full-grain leather cannot be beaten.

Bonded Leather and Faux Leather

Faux is a polyurethane made product that contains zero animal products. It is often known as pleather. Unlike bonded leather, faux leather is quite resistant to water and easy to clean. It comes with various designs as it can be embossed with almost any texture to give it a real leather look.

As discussed above, bonded leather is prone to damage in sunlight because of UV radiations, however, the so-called fake leather does not crack or fade away its color in sunlight. One drawback that is highly debated upon is its capability to affect the environment because of its excessive chemical composition which makes it quite toxic to the environment.

Bonded Leather and Vynil

There is another form of faux leather which is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and also known as vinyl. Such leather is mainly used in cars and shoe products. It is not a suggested leather to use for sofas placed in warm environments because of their unpleasant-smelling property.

Unlike bonded leather they are not much pleasant to sit in hot weather, however, they are easy to clean. It is also prone to early cracks like bonded leather, and it can be punctured by excessive wear and tear.

Bonded Leather and Microfiber

The other form of faux leather is microfiber. It is a combination of both fine microfiber and polyurethane resin. It is a sophisticated form of leather which is quite expensive compared to other forms of faux leathers.

However, it also comes with numerous advantages. Unlike bonded leather, it does not easily fade, peel, or tear. It is similar to real leather as it smells like one, and also possesses environment-friendly properties.


Why Should You Buy Bonded Leather Sofa?

This bonded leather sofa is preferred to other sofas for various reasons. For those who cannot afford to buy an expensive leather sofa yet still want to enjoy the luxury of that leather feeling, a bonded leather sofa is an option. It is cheap and beautiful, and if you have short plans to stay in a place, then this sofa is a perfect option for you.

There is multiple design option which you can choose for your living room. These can be cleaned easily. After two to three years you can easily discard these after enjoying the essence of a bonded leather sofa.

Moreover, these sofas are also environmentally friendly because they contribute very little to environmental pollution. It reduces landfills and no additional farming is involved in them.

What About The Disadvantages?

However, apart from these advantages, what might cause you a bit comfort is the same reason discussed as the advantage above. Bonded leather furniture has a short life span and they are prone to quick cracking and peeling.

Being cheaper does not guarantee good quality and durability. If you do not pay much heed, then a time will come that your sofa will become irreparable, if you want you can read my guide about how to fix a sofa that sags. The choice is always yours, decide considering your needs and circumstances. Our suggestions finish here.

Can Bonded Leather Be Repaired

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